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The new Young Adult book, ‘Somewhere Between Dandelions,’ blends multiple genres in this gripping coming-of-age novel. 

In her debut novel, Somewhere Between Dandelions, author Trisha Larson Harmon delivers an emotional, fast-paced read. Lonely, high school senior, Claire Goodnight, receives a magical second chance at love when she realizes she can see her almost-boyfriend, Finn’s ghost. Finn’s reason for staying and an unexpected connection between Claire and Finn’s families will change everything she thought she knew.

The novel entwines first love, loss, grief, alcoholism, forgiveness, and healing with a paranormal twist.

“Despite the supernatural elements of the tale, there is a sense of realism to Harmon’s handling of the characters and the narrative that makes it all the more riveting to the reader.” -Readers’ Favorite Review (5-Star)

“Harmon’s words go straight to a reader’s heart, evoking a visceral reaction to her story. Anyone who has lost someone close to them can put themselves in the place of one of the characters who are all connected in grief.” -Readers’ Favorite  Review (5-Star).

Somewhere Between Dandelions was a 2022 finalist in the Page Turner Awards.

Harmon’s first novel definitely did not disappoint. She created a captivating story about both love and loss. The characters were well developed and engaging. Many lessons can be learned about life and how to heal from unhealthy relationships. I definitely recommend that you give this first time author a try. You won’t be disappointed.
Cindy, Goodreads Review

A great first novel from an author who knows her craft. The story is a touching journey of a young women discovering love and using it to conquer life and family challenges. The work and writing of the author help turn what could have been a generic teen romance into a gripping tale that readers of all ages can relate to and enjoy. If you have interest in young adult reading, science fiction, or just tales of the paranormal you will have a great time with this book and will look forward to what the author has to offer next.
Joe, Goodreads Review

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Kirkus Review for Somewhere Between Dandelions

“A bittersweet tale that imaginatively explores themes of grief, loss, and first love. Although the love story and the twists and turns of Claire’s family secret are the main focus of the narrative, there are quiet moments that raise engaging questions about how different types of people deal with grief and moving on. Throughout, Harmon’s pacing remains brisk without feeling rushed, which allows her to pack a lot of drama into the story; she also ties up all the narrative strands in a neatly satisfactory way.

So listen… I am a slow reader. Like a snail’s pace most of the time. But, let me tell you this. I READ THIS BOOK IN 6 HOURS! It is the perfect length and you don’t need a magnifying glass to read the text, which at my age is much appreciated! The story grabs you from the first page and doesn’t let go. Usually this type of YA is not my thing, but it has made me realize that I might be missing out on some good books! This is a debut novel and if she continues to put out work like this she’s going to be very successful.

Emily, Amazon Verified Purchase Review

From the beginning and throughout, I was captivated by Harmon’s poetic writing. The story unfolds naturally and on-pace, while revealing surprise twists and turns that kept me guessing. The conclusion ties up loose ends nicely, but with just enough uncertainty that the reader can imagine some of the outcomes for these characters, which I always appreciate. The title, the cover, and the language all set the tone of this ethereal and beautiful novel. I highly recommend it!

January, Amazon Verified Purchase Review

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